Warehouse – goods park or hub, control and store your fast and slow sellers accordingly

warehouseOptimum commissioning processes and efficient forklift truck routes – the basis for the perfect layout

Nowadays there are cutting-edge strategies and technologies available to you to automate many of your processes.

Computer aided simulation can help you to make a qualified decision about a customised layout. Your warehouse geometry is visualised in a model along with the warehousing and commissioning processes.

The simulation is based on your actual order data so we can produce a quantitative decision making tool for you to optimise warehousing and commissioning processes:

  • Commissioning – one or two stage
  • Identification of weak points and potential blockages
  • Efficient supply management
  • Division of the warehouse into ABC zones according to access frequency

Find the right layout solution for your existing or future warehouse. We can help you find the best structure.